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Victoria Woodie 2011

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Victoria Woody Skimboard

The original skimboard model produced by Victoria Skimboards. With history from 1976 till the present day, the Woody has been helping people learn how to get on a skimboard and glide down the beach or riverbed for many years. A perfect skimboard for learning the basics about weight of the board, how to balance on the board, and how to have fun!

The Woody is designed to help the beginning skimboarder learn how to get on the board and balance while gliding along the shoreline or riverbed.
Beginning rider with little to no skimboarding experience and is looking to experience the sport for the first time.
Core Material: Hardwood
Core Thickness: 3/8"
Resin: Polyester
Rails: Soft, Boxy
Shape: New shape for 2011
Rocker: Low for longer slide
Finish: Hand painted art finish with gloss
Size Suggested Weight
XS 1540 Kg
S 30 50 Kg
M 5065 Kg
ML 55 85 Kg
L 70 90 Kg
XL 80 - 100 Kg

« Terug - Victoria Woody Skimboard

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