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Aeron MCT 26-X Boom

Full monocoque construction in a 26mm narrow grip is ideal for smaller hands. Built in removable front shim offers a perfect fit for RDM or SDM masts.
Aeron introduces possibly the stiffest alloy boom on the market. With specialized alloy tempering process, we have arrived at the optimal strength - stiffness ratio. Implementing the tapering technology with the newest ergonomic bends , the result is enhanced rig control and feel that has to be experienced to be believed.
With the introduction of the new Aeron Boom front to the MCT range, it will be near to impossible to make any further improvements to these booms.
The wider mast cup gives the ultimate flex-stiffness ratio at the boom-mast connection with zero slippage in all conditions.


  • Head : With the alloy version, the head is assembled over a high density over molded rubber part to ensure the maximum rigidity while giving grip while rig handling close to the mast cup.
  • Grip Texture : The EVA is thermally formed to produce a texture to improve grip and comfort simultaneously.
  • STD Tail Housing : Double Riveted.
  • Formula Racing Tail Housing :
  • New , the Triple pulley cleatable tail is also compatible with adjustable outhaul systems.
  • Adjustment: The single pin U clip is secured over a stainliess pin-this ensures the part has the same locking function even as the boom ages-There is no looseness due to wearing of parts.

« Terug - Aeron MCT 26-X Boom

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