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« Terug - Mystic Supporter Kitesurf Seat Harness Blue



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  € 85.00

Mystic Supporter Kitesurf Seat Harness Blue

The edges of the Mystic Supporter Seat Harness are made of folded neoprene. The double neoprene ensures high comfort and prevents any discomfort from the stiffer parts of the harness.

The webbing of the four points system has four attachment points on the harness this creates a very strong connection with a lot of support. The four points systems spreads the loads evenly over the harness.

Technical features

3D moulded inner shape
Double power leash ring
Spreader down system ‘Waist’
Soft neoprene edges
Triple padding construction
Heavy duty seat part
Multi hook | Clickerbar 3.0 | 4 point fixation
Battle belt waist closure
Spreader protector
Comfort legstraps

« Terug - Mystic Supporter Kitesurf Seat Harness Blue

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