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Northcore Waterproof MP3 Case

The Northcore Multi-purpose waterproof MP3 case is constructed from tough soft matte PVC and is ideal for a range of outdoor uses. The waterproof cover can protect MP3 players, mobile phones, electronic keys etc in up to 6m of water. Its also dust proof so can be great for protecting ipods etc on the beach. This case comes with an integrated gold plated earphone jack and it allows MP3 players and phones to still be operated whilst inside. Its a great piece of kit for surfers, windsurfers, sailors, fishermen, runners, beach goers...the list goes on!

Waterproof MP3 case features:

  • Designed to protect Ipods and other MP3 players
  • Built in gold headphone jack for earphones
  • Can be also be used to contain and protect mobile phones, which can still be operated whilst in the case
  • Ideal for storing immobilisor car keys whilst in or around water
  • Submersible to approx 19ft/6m
  • Heavy duty waterproof padded casing with air injected pockets so the case floats if dropped in water

« Terug - Northcore Waterproof MP3 Case

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