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  € 2099.00

RRD X-Fire Ltd V10

Het valt niet mee om de snelste windsurfplank nog sneller te maken maar het is met de RRD X-Fire Ltd V10 toch gelukt. De verschilen zijn niet groot maar hebben er wel voor gezorgd dat de X-Fire sneller is geworden in lichte en vlagerige wind, makkelijker aanplaneert en beter te controleren is.
De X-Fire V10 is een echte winnaar voor windsurfers die het snelst willen zijn op het water.

De 108, 114, 122 en  129liter hebben een FoilBox zodat je er ook met een hydrofoil op kan varen.


The 129 lts and 122 lts have a new volume distribution with a thicker area under the mast track which helps to support big sails and get planing earlier. The V10 has also been re-shaped on the rails and has a thinner nose to improve its fluency and capabilities during jibes.

The 114 lts and 108 lts have new cut outs to provide the fastest possible water release out from the back of the board. This improves the average speed and helps to get out of the jibe faster.

The 98 lts has been re-shaped on the tail with a deeper cut along the side of the board until 30cm to improve its top speed and acceleration and to increase the amount of control.

90 lts: is a brand new board. We basically made a scale down of the 98 lts. We have worked a lot on the V to give to the board an excellent flow and an incredible easyness during jibes. The boxy rails on the front footstraps will allow you to use it even underpowered and with a 7.0 sail size while towards the nose the volume will decrease quite a lot allowing the board to have a free light feel when riding it into the rolling swell.

« Terug - RRD X-Fire Ltd V10

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