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« Terug - RRD Thrive Kite Waist Harness Black


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RRD Thrive Kite Waist Harness Black

The RRD Thrive harness has a more vertically curved shape. This makes it the choice for users with a more curved lower back or riders that prefer a more upright riding position, like free-riding and down the line wave riding. The new padded spreaderbar with stabilizer wings locks the bar in place and eliminates the hook riding up and protects your ribs.


Moulded EVA outer
Pre-shaped internal plate -Curved
Spreaderbar stabilizer wings
Push release spreaderbar
Kite hook
Velcro tension belt
Safety Knife
Key loop and pocket
EVA Grip inside
Tender Neoprene inside
Handle pass leash connectors
Lo-wear webbing straps
Compatible with: ROPE SPREADERBAR

« Terug - RRD Thrive Kite Waist Harness Black

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