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« Terug - Slide Surfskate Fish 32" Tuna


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Slide Surfskate Fish 32" Tuna

The Slide Surfskate Fish is a surfboard out of the water. With its wide nose and smooth line, you will have great fun surfing the streets in an easy and comfortable way. Its smooth kicktail will make you try sharp turns and slides. The Fish is a perfect shape for those surfers used to an extra volume at the nose of their board. It is a stable board, really enjoyable for those riders looking for a board that enables them to slide and practice tight turns, and also for those that need to improve their balance and start turning and generating speed.

SET UP Deck FISH 32 7 ply Maple deck Slide trucks 65mm, 78A wheels

« Terug - Slide Surfskate Fish 32" Tuna

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