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RRD C.O.T.A.N. V3 Classic

The RRD C.O.T.A.N. (cut off tail and nose) V3 has only undergone minor changes compared to the previous versions. For those who don’t know, the COTAN is a high performance board that carries less length and momentum in comparison with a traditional board shape. This shape allows you to feel exceptionally free and fast in everything you do. The reason this shape is magic is simple, it rips!

The V3 has a newly redesigned tail shape with wingers and rounded fishtail ends. The reduction of area in the last section of the tail, behind the wingers, has allowed improved turning at high speeds, when riding waves, or when pushing to get the maximum pop out of your freestyle strapless sessions. The new Cotan is also slightly thinner, only in the tail area, to really boost the pop effect when jumping on flat water. It’s now possible to really sink that tail and “stop” the board before you send the kite!

AVAILABLE IN 3 different sizes – all equipped with 5 fin boxes.

*Pro Tip:

When deciding what size Cotan to choose, we recommend going 5 or 6 inches shorter than what you normally ride on a classic surfboard shape.


Redesigned tail shape with wingers and rounded fishtail ends, offers precise control, improved turning, and increased pop potential.
Deep concave throughout the whole board with a flat tail released by a progressive rocker with tail kick
Thin rails from nose to tail, super thin profile throughout
Five fin boxes, so you can choose between thruster or quad


The Classic PU construction has been developed to create pure surfboards for pure wave riding and to allow control over choppy waters. We have improved the weight and strength of the boards this year. We are now using a hi-volume lightweight pigment in the resin. This type of resin fills up the holes in the foam and reduces the amount of resin content in the glass fibers, making the boards lighter. The Classic boards have low fiber memory and low foam memory at the same time. This low memory gives our boards a proper surfboard feel. We recommend the Classic PU technology to the riders who love a comfortable ride which this construction provides through its flexibility.

COTAN V3 UC 5’0″ 5’0″x17 1/2″x2″ 20 K4 for RRD Thruster Set
COTAN V3 UC 5’2″ 5’2″x18″x2″ 20 K4 for RRD Thruster Set
COTAN V3 UC 5’4″ 5’4″x18 1/2″x2 1/8″ 20 K4 for RRD Thruster Set

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