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WindGear SDM30 Mast

WindGear uses the latest Prepreg Carbon Molding Techniques in all masts, be it of 30%, 60% or 90% carbon content all models benefit from the consistency only to be reached in prepreg mast making and we think you should not settle for anything less! As a result WindGear masts boasts an optimal weight to strength ratio and below class standard weights!

WindGear offers both SDM and RDM models in many sizes with a Constant Curve yet have slightly more Flex in the top (global trend).

Reduced Diameter Masts (RDM) are the standard in waves, freestyle and modern freeride sails with their weight, strength and reflex benefits. Experience less forearm fatigue and more control! Furthermore by choosing a RDM you choose a higher wall thickness for more safety at just a few extra grams of weight

« Terug - WindGear SDM30 Mast

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